Month: May 2009

Brian Hansbury Has Issues

Empirical Study: My Dating Advice is Anathema…To Most! Here’s what people have been saying about my old column, Holding Hans with Brian Hansbury: “Your column here smacks of western white male fantasy. Not only is it racist, but misogynist as hell.” “It may only be one woman’s opinion but I find Mr. Hansbury’s writing and …

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Dish Buzz: Ilili

A friend recently dined at ilili and had highly recommended it, especially their prix fixe options ($25 at lunch and $35 at dinner) which includes your choice of two starters, an entree and a dessert.  There is an additional charge for one of the lamb courses and also for one of  the duck courses. I …

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Bee Spiritual: Music and Enlightenment

I just finished watching an interview with Throbbing Gristle (TG) on BoingBoing.  Remember Throbbing Gristle?  Maybe you’ve heard of Psychic TV or maybe just Genesis P. Orridge?  Anyways, these guys literally pioneered electronic noise music in the early ’70s.  Their music is chaotic, strange, dark and at times vulgar.  Subsequently (yes I like the downer …

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