Month: August 2009

Dish Buzz: Permanent Brunch

I’d been hearing rumors of a new restaurant. It would be a magical land Manhattannites had only ever dreamed of where brunch never ended. None of this Sunday-maybe-we’ll-give-you-Saturday-but-that’s-it business. All week long. Nothing but brunch. Refreshing. But delays upon delays, it seemed to be an urban foodie myth until voilà! Out of nowhere, an opening …

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City Cinemania: Adam

In regular terms, Summer means heat, humidity, a rapid desire to remain indoors or at the very least pool or beachside. In film terms, Summer usually means a bad case of the film blockbusters. It actually is a great marketing ploy. Winter is a more serious season, it’s cold out and the freezing wind forces …

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Post AACC Wrap-Up with Keith Chow

Paolo Javier chats with Keith Chow about the inaugural Asian American Comicon in post-convention glow. Asian Americans have been vital contributors to the American comic book since, well, its birth, a fact rarely acknowledged by an industry that continues to uphold a homogeneously white and hetero imaginary on the covers and in the panels of …

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