3 simple tips to promote your neighborbee article!

Your business or service has been profiled on neighborbee, now what?  While our traffic is increasing due to new blog posts each week, we are still in our infancy.  Some people that were profiled on neighborbee have gotten a few leads,  but to build off, I’m suggesting a few tips:


  1. Share on your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  By tagging neighborbee’s profiles on Facebook  Twitter and Instagram and other people in your network, you can expand your exposure.


  1. Find target rich environments and share.  As Michael Frey from FD Prints said, “I find groups with similar interests and share with them. Really trying to target the audience.”  


  1. This is a special article about your story, so share with people via text or email.  Be proud of it as your family, friends and acquaintances are and want to help!  This applies to your clients and prospects as well.

Maximizing your article’s exposure will lead to more visits to your profile and to neighborbee.  Like bees, when we work together and share our knowledge and resources, we can build a rich and robust community!



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