911: A day to always remember

Freedom Lights

Every year on September 10th I get very depressed.  It’s really amazing and this year was no exception.

Where were you on 9/11?  I was in my office on 100 William Street that faced both towers.  Before work, I went to the gym on 14th St. and 5th Ave and remembered looking at the towers that morning and thinking how beautiful they were.

Little did I know that I would witness the most brutal terrorist attack in the history of the US later that morning.

The feeling I felt that day never left me, nor do I think it ever will.

Imagine how the families and close friends of the victims feel every year.  This year, there are a lot of issues surrounding 9/11  – we haven’t caught Bin Laden, there is a Mosque development debate and the New Freedom Tower is not close to being built.

Putting politics and any negativity aside, I hope people can reflect on the memories of everyone that perished that day and remember that 9/11 includes the Pentagon and Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.

New York City, the US and the World have come a long way in nine years and that is due to the resolve of everyday people.

God Bless everyone that made the ultimate sacrifice that day.

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