A Little Bee Told Me … It’s Been 30 Years of Rainbow Connection!

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side? Could it possibly be thirty years since this sweet little song, sung by a green amphibian burst on to the scene and biked away with our hearts?

I don’t know about you, but growing up in the 70s meant spending many a night hunkered down in front of the TV and watching the Muppets telling silly jokes, bantering with the big stars of the day, and singing some of the best songs around, all while Statler and Waldorf pooh-poohed their efforts with zinging one-liners.  It was heaven.

Even better was when the Muppets came to the big screen with The Muppet Movie.  And now, they’re coming back again.  If you’re too young to remember it the first time, get your butt over to BAM and enjoy all the innocent fun of the Muppets at their best.  Or, if you’re a doddering old fogey like me, regain some of your youth again.

Can you believe it’s been over 40 years since the original release?

Original post, 7/27/09 @ 13:27

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