A Tripod Quest: Derrick at UCB


DC, Dominic, and Donald of Derrick

If I remember correctly, I heard one of the guys say “How do you cut the AIDS out of the heart?”

Last Friday, the audience at the Upright Citizens Brigade was treated to some ridiculous riffs from DC, Dominic, and Donald of the comedy group Derrick. If the line I might’ve botched is indicative of anything, it is testament to how delightfully outrageous a number of their skits turned out. The fact that I’m still desperately trying to recall all the unscripted one-liners tells me that these guys are pretty good.

Ah yes, one skit involved these guys pretending to pull out something other than guns as a way of keeping things “in check” at a bank robbery. I’m fine not having pictures of that sketch, but it was damn funny.


‘Derrick’ does shows regularly at UCBT, now a longstanding fixture and breeding ground for sketch performers and cutting-edge comedy in the city. That night, Derrick conjured up an entire hour-long performance beginning with the audience simply suggesting they come up with sketches revolving around “Order 66” (whatever that even means).



The rest is, quite literally, history, but you can watch these guys tackle all sorts of wild scenarios in a month or so at UCBT (check the theater’s calendar online for a schedule of upcoming events featuring Derrick and other improv performers)



The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater is located at 307 West 26th Street, west of 8th Avenue, in Chelsea. Catch some of Derrick’s latest scripted comedy work here.

P.S. You CAN take pictures (obviously I did), but it’d be best to make sure your flash is off, and if you can manually focus, the better, and less annoying. The challenge in shooting an improvised set, of course, is that, there isn’t really a second shot at capturing the same thing. Then again, that just makes being fully in the moment all the more poignant.

Original Post – 4/14/09, 2:37pm

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