Author: kristin abele

City Cinemania: Adam

In regular terms, Summer means heat, humidity, a rapid desire to remain indoors or at the very least pool or beachside. In film terms, Summer usually means a bad case of the film blockbusters. It actually is a great marketing ploy. Winter is a more serious season, it’s cold out and the freezing wind forces …

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City Cinemania: BAM Honors Cary Grant

I have a thing for Archie Leach. And it appears so does the BAM Cinematek. Cary Grant (born Archibald Leach) can arguably be described as one of the most definitive screen presences in the history of cinema. In his 35 year career, he constantly dazzled audiences with his dapper demeanor from goofy screwballs to Hitchcock …

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City Cinemania: BAMCinemaFest

Last week BAM’s Cinematek launched its inaugural BAMCinemaFest with the New York Premiere of Don’t Let Me Drown and a kick off after-party at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Brewery. The breakout film was chosen as it was still coming off the height of its success from Sundance this January. Most of the other films in the line-up …

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