New York City Film – Bee Reel: Give It A Rest

Whew! Let’s take a breather, huh? The first few weeks of the summer season have been a whirlwind, but this week we finally get to slow down a bit and gather ourselves before the next wave of blockbusters washes up on shore. The only major studio release I see on tap for this week is the one where Adam Sandler and Jack Black play a team of undercover zookeepers who specialize in giving haircuts to panda bears. It sure sounds wacky, but I think I’ll pass. Besides Billy Madison is probably on TBS at some point this weekend, so you can just watch that one more time instead.

Or why not use the weekend to catch up on anything you may have missed from the big May releases. (Translation: Go see Iron Man again.) Or if you’re stuck in New York this muggy summer weekend, take the opportunity to visit one of our small indie theaters–Mongol, a Genghis Khan biopic that looks interesting–or take our number one recommendation, a midnight showing of Zardoz at IFC Center. What is Zardoz, you ask? And why should you see it? Well, if you Google Image Search “Sean Connery Zardoz” this is the first result …

I rest my case.

On another note, what did you think of Sex And The City. Unless you just got back from fixing the toilet on the International Space Station, I know that you saw it. Unless … perish the thought … you’re still watching it, because that movie refused … to … end. Who is the ad wizard that thought a half-hour TV show would work better if it was five times longer? Sheesh.

And I wouldn’t have minded so much except that in that 2.5 hours, absolutely nothing happened. The series wrapped up nice and neat three years ago, so they had to manufacture a couple of improbable breakups, dragged the crises out as long as they possibly could and wrapped it up with a highly unsatisfying conclusion. Plus, there were hardly any bare breasts at all! I guess the definition of “chick flick” has changed since I was a kid.

Anyway, enjoy the respite, because next week will be much tougher. And we’re grading on a curve!

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