New York City Film – Bee Reel: ‘Next Stop, Greenwich Village’

While it’s no masterpiece, it’s certainly a cozy, Sunday movie.  And since it’s a cozy Sunday, it felt appropriate to pay homage to this New York classic, which pays homage to classic New York.

Next Stop, Greenwich Village is the story of an eighteen year old mama’s boy from Brooklyn, Larry Lapinsky (Lenny Baker), who is downright sick and tired of sneaking out of his bedroom window to get laid so he gets a crummy job as a cashier and moves to a rat trap in Greenwich Village, where all of his dreams of being a famous movie star who beds three chicks a night will surely come true.  Obviously, this is not the case, and poor, naive, little Lenny gets a cold, hard, melodramatic dose of reality complete with illegal abortions and suicides.  However, like all coming-of-age tales, Lenny does find himself a small family of misfits who guide and support him, and he does, of course, grow up.

Though some of the emotional beats feel a bit contrived (like, Melrose Place contrived), the end result is a glowing, memorable period piece about 1950’s Manhattan, complete with incredibly colorful performances by Shelley Winters and Christopher Walken.  So, if you love New York, I have no doubt this little movie will find its way into your stone cold heart.

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