Bee Strong: Inside the Hive of the Farmers Market at the Port Authority Bus Terminal

Port Authority Green Market
Port Authority Green Market

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Every Thursday, lucky commuters, together with the approximately 200,000 shoppers, tourists, office workers, area residents and various other people can find fresh local produce and vegetables, baked goods, sandwiches– and even wine–at a farmers market in the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Seriously? Port Authority?

Yes, it may seem strange at first but, remember, people rushing to and from New York City can pick up breakfast or lunch. And the fact that it’s indoors means people can shop despite any weather. It also means people can combine their food shopping while shopping at the many concessions, stores, and restaurants at this bustling location.

Two Farms Plus a Winery

Chances are pretty good that you’ve already tasted some of the products from Katchie Farm if you’ve attended any catered events in the city. Katchkie, a 60-acre, year-round organic farming operation located in Columbia County, NY, is owned by Great Performances catering company of New York City. Great Performances is known for its high quality, elegant events, (venues include places like the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza), environmental and social responsibility, and “farm to table” philosophy.

Katchkie Farm sells certified organic vegetables, together with sandwiches, pickles, sauces, and eggs. Stand workers tell me the freshly-made sandwiches are picked up so quickly by commuters that it’s necessary to replenish supplies frequently throughout the day.

Prospect Hill Orchards is a 55-acre farm located in Milton, NY and has been in the same family for nearly 200 years! The farm is now in its seventh generation of Clarke family owners; in fact, some of the cherry and apple orchards are part of the original homestead of Nathaniel Clarke, the first owner, who began the operation as a general farm and self-sustaining homestead. Then it included a kitchen garden, fruits, vegetables and animals. Today you’ll also find an abundance of orchard fruits!

Long Island=New York’s Bordeaux

Long Island is New York State’s newest and fastest growing wine region. So, at this market, you’ll find robust merlots, full-bodied chardonnays or other European classics from this region. The New York Wine and Grape foundation represents wines from all over the state—but, specific to this market, the foundation displays and sells wines from Long Island. It’s also part of a program called Pride of New York, developed to promote and support the sale of agricultural products grown and food products processed within New York State, and membership now includes farmers and processors, retailers, distributors, restaurants and related culinary and support associations. ­

The farmers market at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd Street side) is open every Thursday from 8:00 to 6:00.

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