BEE STRONG: What’s the Buzz on Exercise?


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Physical activity is ultra-important to a healthy lifestyle; in fact, research suggests that it even may reduce the risk of many adverse health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, depression, some cancers, and Type 2 diabetes.

But, according to the Weight Control Information Network, only 31% of adult Americans report that they engage in regular leisure time physical activity, which is defined as either 3 sessions per week of vigorous 20-minute activity or 5 sessions per week of 30-minute light to moderate activity. About 40% of adults report no leisure time physical activity.

“The first step toward living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about just losing a dress size or two,” says NYC-based exercise instructor Natalia Petrzela. “You have to change your whole way of thinking and instead of saying ‘what am I losing,’ say, ‘what am I gaining?’”

The answer, she says, is that you’re gaining energy, strength, happier moods—and a general, overall sense of well-being; in short, a great life! NOTE: I can personally attest to that; I take Natalia’s IntenSati class at Equinox and watch the room transform into a happy, passionate, high-energy atmosphere.Sorry Disney, you’re not the happiest place on earth—that room is!

Start thinking of fun ways to add activity to your life, she says, by perhaps trying some of those more unique classes, like trampoline or hula hoop(Or maybe bike or walk or run, or skate along the water at Hudson River Park).

“There are a ton of activities, especially in the summer, and many of them free,” Natalia says.“There’s free yoga in Bryant Park or events offered by Shape Up NYC.” NOTE: Shape Up NYC is a program by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, reaching out to New Yorkers to help them get fit and lose weight.

If anyone knows about energy it is Natalia Petrzela (Someone recently said she had more energy than a Cliff Bar).  This super-smart lady is a professor at NYC’s New School for Social Research, holding degrees from Columbia College and Stanford University; her latest is a PhD in U.S. History from Stanford. Also the mother of a young child, she’s currently working on a research project about culture wars in America.

As an AFAA-certified Group Fitness instructor, she teaches IntenSati and CoreSati at Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City, and gives guest classes at other clubs and in corporate and private settings. She’s an Ambassador by global apparel company Lululemon Athletica and has appeared in the fitness DVD Kickbox Yoga Fusion and onstage at the ECA World Fitness Convention and at Nike’s Project Classified events.

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