Bee Wheelin’ To Brooklyn Flea

The Brooklyn Flea

How’s ridin’ my fellow wheelers?!  Hope you guys have been out on your bikes enjoying this great, but hot summer.  After hearing so much about it, this time our destination was the Brooklyn Flea.

Did you know it’s so popular, there are two locations:

1) An indoor at The Williamsburg Saving Bank (the tall building in downtown Brooklyn with the big clock you can see almost anywhere in Brooklyn)

2) An outdoor in Fort Greene, which is where we went.

Since it was Saturday, (outside flea’s on Saturday inside’s on Sunday) we went to the outdoor flea.  We headed out from my place on Cortelyou Road and made our way to Bedford Ave.  We took a left on  Bedford Ave.   Befored Ave is the class 2 lane that I’ve mentioned in previous posts and is a main thoroughfare for bikes.  It runs from Williamsburg to Sheepshead Bay.

Each time I travel along Bedford, I notice how crappy the conditions are in the midsection area.  But at either end it becomes much nicer and smoother. What’s the reason for this?  Is it property taxes?  Seems an investigation is in order – but that’s for another post.  Right now, lets continue on our trip…  So, from the crappy part of Bedford, we made our way to Lincoln Rd.  We turned right at the fork where Washington Ave and Flatbush Ave meet.  We headed up Washington and I was surprised at what an easy hill it was to conquor. Not only was there a reward in getting to the top of the hill, but also, I also saw and heard a dj playing some very funky house music in Dr. Ronald E. McNair Park.  House music always gets me going!

Moving on, we crossed Eastern Parkway and enjoyed the downhill ride. We made it to Lafayette St (the location of Brooklyn Flea), but had to take Dekalb Ave and go down and around the block to Vanderbilt Ave since Lafayette is a one-way street. There it was, surrounded by a tall fence on the track field of the Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School!  As we approached the entrance, I got this great welcoming feeling as people were sitting on the stone “bleachers” enjoying the local fare.  I wasn’t looking for anything specific..  I  just wanted to take it all in. I came to a vendor who displayed this interesting, white African mask on a stand. I touched it very lightly, it came apart and would have fallen to the ground if not for my lightening fast reflexes. Whew!


That minor mishap put to rest any interest I had in objects. I really was there to try out the goodies. First we went for People’s Pops with their delightful gourmet popsicles. Among the interesting flavor combinations were the pear-ginger, sour cherry-nectarine and raspberry-basil. I had the raspberry-basil and wondered why they had left the seeds in.  But as I finished it, I realized the seeds were a good way of keeping the pop from melting too quickly.  Next, I sampled McClure’s Pickles.  I had the garlic-dill flavored and got all choked up and broke out in tears!  It WAS a deliciously emotional experience but only because it was as if I had eaten a mouthful of wasabi.  Foods that bite back rule!  There were all sorts of tastes available; breads, cookies, pupusas and coffee among others. Visit the Brooklyn Flea website to see a listing of vendors at both locations.

Grand Army Plaza Green Market

On the return, we made our way through downtown Brooklyn and ended up on the other end of Vanderbilt where we strolled through the farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza. I’d been there several times before, but thought it was an appropriate finish to our day. The return trip seemed much shorter. It was beautiful out, hence it was a great day. Summer’s almost over, so take advantage of the warm weather, and get on out and bike to the beach, the pool, a flea market, where ever……..just remember I Bee Wheelin… u Bee Wheelin!

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