Bee Wheelin’ To Coney Island!


Like most mornings when I wake up after crashing at his place, I see that my boyfriend is up and online. He’s much more internet saavy than I am. Seeing that I’m awake he suggests we take a day trip to Coney Island. “Really?!”, I replied with a squeak of trepidation in my voice. It sounded far. Could I do it? Would I fall off the bike from sheer exhaustion? Those were my fears. But like any true adventurer and with his assurance that it would be a piece of cake I agreed.

So we suited up with our eco-friendly water bottle and my trusty Kryptonite Lock and headed out. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and we hit the road from his place at 28th St. and Kings Highway between Midwood and Marine Park. We rode up Kings and took a left on Bedford, a class 2 path. Before I continue, I guess I should explain what makes a Class 1, 2 or 3 bike lane. Class 1 is the optimal route which is a separate and dedicated path found in parks, bridges and on some larger streets. Class 2 is the next best situation with a separate lane on any given street for bikes only. Class 3 provides signs for bikers but little else. For more information on new lanes, new projects and other bike news you can register for  NYCycles the New York City Department of Transportation’s e-newsletter.

Cruising along Bedford WAS a piece of cake. With all the nice, well-keptbrick houses and apartment buildings I felt like I was on one of those leisurely Sunday drives I used to take as a kid with my grandparents. We continued on right to the end of Bedford until we arrived at Emmons Ave. I could smell that pungent saltwater air and felt invigorated that I had made it that far with little exertion. We crossed the street and took a break walking with our bikes along one of the piers. A fairly large boat was parked there and I, of course, fantasized about would it would be like to have a boat at your access. Fancy Shmancy!

After a couple of gulps of water, we pressed on. Continuing on Emmons Ave. and then on to Neptune Ave. and then Coney Island Ave. We finally made it to the boardwalk. At first we were gonna be good little boys and obey the no bikes after 10 am rule. But after seeing everyone else riding their bikes we figured what the hell. No surprise the boardwalk was crowded. We did a bit of people watching from the sun bathers on the benches, to the menu holders dressed in white satin shirts and black slacks outside one of the restaurants. They must be hot! But nothing topped the old guy strolling along with his combo walker/chair in nothing but a baseball cap, skivvies and sneakers. Whenever he needed a rest he would stop right were he was and take a seat. That was the highlight of the trip. But of course there were other attractions. We admired the murals on the wall leading up to the NY Aquarium. It’s offering all sorts of summer attractions and when you purchase membership you get not only admission to the Aquarium but to all the parks of the Wildlife Conservation Society, The Bronx, Central Park, Queens and Prospect Park Zoos.

We sat down to partake in what else but some chili dogs from Nathan’s Famous but I couldn’t leave Coney Island without having some type ofseafood. I luckily avoided the long hot dog line and sprang for a soft shell crab sandwich. I only ate the crab and it was delish. But getting back to hot dogs it’s that time of year again for the Annual Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. Who knows, maybe you can challenge last year’s winner by eating more the 65 hot dogs in less than 10 minutes. Want to check out who it was and enter for your chance at $20 grand?

Freshly refueled and rested, we headed back home. We took a different route on the way back. This time we biked along……..yaaaay! Class 1 Ocean Parkway with its dedicated tree lined path. No pesky car traffic to deal with. It made for a very pleasant ride back despite the several times we had to stop at intersections. All in all, it was a great trip. We spent very little money, saw some great sites and thought about our next trip. With increased confidence, I’m amped, so check back for my next excursion. It’s a great summer of biking. I Bee Wheelin……so You Bee Wheelin……See ya on the road!

Nathan’s Coney Island

1310 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn

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