Bee Wheelin’ to the Pool

Sol Goldman Recreation Center

Hello again my Bee Wheelin buddies! I’m two for two.  So where did I head out this time?  Well, where does one go on a scorching hot day?  Wherever there’s a refreshing body of water, that’s where.  So, I thought I’d check out one of Brooklyn’s public pools. Some friends told me about the pool at the Sol Goldman Recreation Center . My bud and I headed out from my place on Cortelyou Road and took East 19th Street to Tennis Court. Since it’s a dead end, we had to cut over to 18th. We obeyed the direction of traffic, but in this instance we had to go against traffic for just one block.


We continued onto Church Ave and then took Parade Place to Parkside Ave. I passed The Peristyle – that beautiful pillared limestone structure at the bottom of Prospect Park and wondered how great it would be to have a party there. We also passed the newly renovated Prospect Park Tennis Courts and the entrance building and saw how much nicer they are since I lived on Parade Place. We turned onto Prospect Park Southwest and prepared for the hill. A huffin and a puffin I went, but made it without fallin out. The reward was this smooth and rider friendly class 1 path along Prospect Park West. It was completely separated from traffic by parked cars with a green surface and yellow demarcation line. It was a full fledged street for bikes! We stopped at the Marquis de Lafayette statue for a

Me and the Marquis

couple pictures and then headed down 9th Avenue. Just remember whenever you’re biking up a hill rest assured that at some point you’ll enjoy the speed and freedom of the descension. So we stayed on 9th all the down to Gowanus crossed under the BQE and made it to Court St. It was just a hop, skip and a jump from Court Street to Bay Street until we reached our destination.

Sol Goldman Pool

Groups of summer campers were getting off busses and I thought, “am I going to have to deal with hordes of screaming kids?” But once inside all the camp counselors literally kept them strictly in line. Once suited up we made our way to the pool. It was amazing! (operatic high C here!) The 330’ pool was large enough to accommodate all the tikes and then some. There was even a water park with various fountains and funky water spraying chairs and very shallow water for them on the other side of the pool. We were concerned that if it was crowded we would not have space to lay out a towel. There was plenty of real estate for that. So with the mega rays beaming down on us, we enjoyed an afternoon of fun and sun by the pool.

We lounged for a good hour and a half but no sooner did the clouds appear and we got dressed and left the building, that it poured rain. We picked a good time to leave.  When it began to rain they kicked everyone out anyway.

So we headed back on Clinton Street this time. It was one-way going back in the direction we needed to go. Then, we turned on to Union Street. During the trip back home it was so encouraging to see how many streets were equipped with bike lanes in Park Slope. In hind-sight I think we may taken the long way back, but whatever, it was a nice ride. From Union we turned onto 3rd Avenue and followed that back to 9th Street. During this trip, I also discovered how useful all my gears were. Negotiating up 9th wasn’t so bad in the proper gear and the incline was gradual not grueling. It stopped raining since we left the pool. But when we reached the top of Prospect Park Southwest again it started coming down in buckets. I actually found it quite refreshing. I was soaked but sated.

Ahhhh, I did it! Succeeded at another enjoyable ride. Hope all of you out there are doing the same. Keep it up. We’ve got several weeks left of summer yet. Although it’s been a hot one, it’s nothing that a cold water bottle can’t fix. See ya on the road. Remember… I Bee Wheelin so you Bee Wheelin!


155 Bay Street

Brooklyn, NY

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