Carly’s Dating Chronicles: Disaster Time

Stay or go?
Stay or go?

True or false: if a guy likes you, he shouldn’t care if you want to take things slowly or if you’re beyond awkward?

True I hope! Last night I went on a 6th date with Funny Man. I shaved my legs, put a toothbrush in my bag, and even wore sexy lingerie.

On the 5 other dates, we had only kissed in the street. So I thought it was time for things to move from G rated to PG. But at the end of the night, when Funny Man invited me over, I turned into the most awkward version of myself.

The night started off at Lucky Strike, which is an awesome place to go bowling. Funny Man and I both put on the super unsexy bowling shoes and chose a ball. I told Funny Man that I’m not a bowling pro so he showed me some moves to help my game. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the world’s worst bowler. I surely wasn’t a good bowler, but I wasn’t so bad.

After our first game, we took a break and ordered some food. The menu was like a fried food lover’s dream. Mac and Cheese squares, coconut shrimp, chicken strips – it all sounded delicious. And it was.

In the 2nd game, my skills improved tremendously. Sure Funny Man beat me by double my score, but I was certainly impressed that only a few balls went in the gutter.

After bowling for 2 hours, we left Lucky Strike and started walking east, towards Funny Man’s apartment. I love to walk so I could have walked forever. Since we had no plan, Funny Man asked where we were going and I told him I didn’t know. So we kept walking until we were on his avenue and 2 blocks away from his apartment.

Uh oh, here’s where the awkwardness got really bad. I clearly wanted to go home with him. The planning freak in me had even prepared to sleep over. But when Funny Man said, “would you like to come over?” I couldn’t decide if he wanted me to sleep over or just come over for a little. I can’t remember the last time I went to a guy’s apartment and wasn’t asked to sleep over. So I panicked.  I may go on a lot of dates, but I’m surely not a sleepover expert. I wanted Funny Man to say the magic words, that he really wanted me to sleep over and I obviously would have.

So besides the fact that I totally think I need to see someone to cure my awkwardness, I can’t help wondering what Funny Man is thinking. Does he find my oddness kind of cute? Or does he think I’m a total freak?

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