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Bathrooms can be sexy!
Bathrooms can be sexy!

Carly is also founder and editor of Carly’s Dating Chronicles

Sex is fun. It’s an activity that all people love, regardless of their culture.  Having sex allows people to express themselves and connect with others.  Before TV and Film started making sex an acceptable subject, people were limited to having sex in a bed.  Now, things can get more exciting.  Remember, sex doesn’t only have to occur in the bedroom behind closed doors. If you enjoy being adventurous, go explore the below top destinations for sexual escapades.

Hotels Can Be Free!

Not only are hotel bathrooms clean, but they are also private.  In fact, it’s rare that hotel bathrooms even have an attendant. I’ve been to almost every upscale hotel in New York City, and the Carlyle is the only one that sometimes has an attendant.  So, if you’re with your significant other and the mood strikes you, head to a hotel bathroom.

Is Privacy Important?

Beaches are beautiful and romantic.  During the day they are filled with people in minimal amounts of clothing.  But, at night, there’s no place more appropriate to bare it all.  If you’re lucky, you can find a beach with chairs.  Then sex can really get exciting.  Since finding chairs is pretty rare, come prepared with a blanket so you can still have fun. Just be careful of the sand, it can leave you in a sticky situation.

Pools Are Fun Too

When you’re at a pool, you already have on a bathing suit. You don’t have to spend hours undressing because you’re halfway there.  On a hot day, what better way to cool off then to take a dip in the pool?  Water can be very sexy so make sure you’re ready to get wet.

Flying High

Are you an exhibitionist?   If you like doing naughty things in public, having sex in an elevator is definitely for you. You can choose to pull the alarm button if you want the elevator to stop.  Or, if you’re looking for a quickie, you can have sex while the elevator is moving.  Whichever scenario you fancy, just make sure there are no children in sight. You don’t want to scar anyone!

Up In The Sky

If you’re a risk taker, an airplane is a unique place to have sex.  First class makes things easier, because you can put a blanket over you and get to it. Or, if you’re in coach, you can always head to the bathroom.  It won’t be the roomiest place, but it sure is daring.

Be Ballsy

Want to mix a little business with pleasure?  Then head to your office.  No matter what you do, make sure you go after hours.  Even though the sex is sure to be fantastic, you don’t want to get fired.  You have to have some nerve, but if you do then it sure is worth it.  Office sex is a way to make things a little more exploratory, especially if you have the key to your boss’s office.

Go For A Ride

Feeling classy while riding in a limo?  Do you have a fancy outfit on?  Well what better way to get your outfit a little wrinkled then to have sex in a limo.  Put up the partition, and let things get steamy.  If you’re stuck in traffic, there’s no better way to kill time then to have sex.

Time To Get Smart

Do you like to read?  I sure do.  If you’re a sucker for cliché places to get down and dirty, a library is somewhere you have to go.  Find an aisle that’s isolated and get busy among the books. Just be careful not to get any dust in your eyes.

Hopefully after reading this you’re dying to get out there and get busy.  Perhaps your sex life was a little boring, or you just want to spice it up. Either way, having sex in any of these places is sure to give you a great thrill.

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