Carly’s Dating Chronicles: Summer Lovin’

Summer lovin!
Summer lovin!

Don’t worry, I’m not writing a blog about the weather. That would be absolutely awful. But, I must say that the warm weather today inspired me. It made me realize that summer is a great time to find the love of your life. Since the weather has been so nice, I’m out more and I’ve met a lot of men. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to go on dates with some pretty fabulous guys. Here are 3 reasons why summer is a fantastic time to meet someone special.

People Are Outside

When the weather is nice, people are always out and about. At least I am – I love being outside. The heat also makes me think about sex even more than I usually do. It makes me want to be naked all the time. On a beautiful day, I want to be sitting naked by my pool with my man.

The Clothes Are Ditched

When it’s hot out, men and women can’t hide their bodies. People wear less clothes. So, if a girl has tree trunk legs filled with cellulite, you’ll see them. The same goes for guys. In the winter, a man can wear a sweater and lots of layers to cover up his tummy, but not in the summer. If he isn’t in shape, you get to see it before you get naked with him. Everyone is also hornier in the summer so they are more desperate to meet someone.

Activity Time

On a nice day, I love running outside. Central Park is filled with fit people that enjoy exercising.  I like to date physically fit men so if I meet a guy running I know we have something in common. Couples who play together, stay together. Call me corny but I like being active with my boyfriend. I think going for a run together and then getting naked in the shower is super sexy. Besides, what better way to meet a guy than to see him running shirtless in the park?

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