Carlys Dating Chronicles: The Other Women

Why do I care?

Carly is also founder and editor of Carly’s Dating Chronicles

I’m an open book. I share most of the details in my life on my blog. So if you’re dating me and you read my blog, you know who else I’m dating.

Since I’m so open about my dating life, I expect the men I date to be okay with it. When you first start seeing someone, you’re usually dating multiple people. So you would think I wouldn’t be surprised when I found out that 2 people I’m dating are also dating other ladies. Right? Nope – wrong!

I must admit that I was in dating denial when I thought I was the only one being a dating Queen. I won’t use the men’s names, but I will tell you how I found out that they’re dating other women. I’ll call the 2 men Man #1 and Man #2.

Man #1 had a girl in his apartment the night before I was there. And she wasn’t just a friend. One night after we went out for drinks, he invited me back to his apartment. I said yes and when it was time to go to bed I went to brush my teeth as I always did.  So there I was, assuming I’m the only girl he’s dating, when I saw them. They snapped me right out of my dating denial. And you’ll never guess what they were. Next to garbage can (not even inside) were 2 condom wrappers. Clearly Man #1 had fun the night before he saw me – twice!

I finished brushing my teeth and silently thanked myself that no sexy business went down. I wasn’t sexually active with Man #1 (thank God!) so I had no right to be mad that he was getting busy with someone else. But I surely wasn’t going to sleep in his bed knowing that another girl had been there the night before. I mean, he probably didn’t even change the sheets. So I played the headache card and went home to my clean, condom free apartment.

The situation with Man #2 isn’t so condom involved. But it informed me that I’m not the only lady he’s seeing.

I was made aware of Man #2’s love life through facebook, also known as a girl’s guide to stalking. I love to facebook stalk (yes I can admit it) but I really wasn’t stalking him at the time. One of the many times I logged onto facebook, I saw in my newsfeed that Man #2’s friend commented on one of his pictures. So I clicked on it. His friend’s comment was about a date Man #2 had with someone other than me. I figured Man #2 was a one woman type of man so I must say I was a little taken back. But I’m not his girlfriend so he can date whomever he wants. I just hope he practices safe sex like Man #1!

Realizing that Man #1 and Man # 2 are dating other women brought me back into dating reality. I totally sound like an old lady here but sometimes I need a reality check to remind me that life is one big learning experience.

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