Category: Buzzing Around

Bee Wheelin’ To Brooklyn Flea

How’s ridin’ my fellow wheelers?!  Hope you guys have been out on your bikes enjoying this great, but hot summer.  After hearing so much about it, this time our destination was the Brooklyn Flea. Did you know it’s so popular, there are two locations: 1) An indoor at The Williamsburg Saving Bank (the tall building in …

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Buzzin’ Around NYC w/ Adam: Pigeons

As far as New York City residents go, few groups are hated more than pigeons (those guys with the clipboards on the street are a close second). They poop everywhere. They gather in large groups, then launch into the air without warning, flying just close enough to the heads of passerby to seriously freak those …

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Bee Wheelin’ to the Pool

Hello again my Bee Wheelin buddies! I’m two for two.  So where did I head out this time?  Well, where does one go on a scorching hot day?  Wherever there’s a refreshing body of water, that’s where.  So, I thought I’d check out one of Brooklyn’s public pools. Some friends told me about the pool …

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