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The Hamptons: A Very British Invasion

So you can imagine how I excited I was to be invited for a weekend in East Hampton. The heat had finally descended on the city,  in my Brooklyn neighbourhood garbage was steaming and stepping outside was like being draped in a warm, clammy towel. With visions of swimming pools and sea breezes dancing in our …

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Showbuzzness: Broadway on a Budget

Hi culture-loving bees! I’m Mardie, and I’ll be writing about theatre happenings in the area—everything from the biggest Broadway blockbusters to low-budget downtown performance art. I hope to share some reviews and suggestions with you, as well as offer insight into special events, local talent, and other goings-on about town. I’m not an actor (well, …

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City Cinemania: Adam

In regular terms, Summer means heat, humidity, a rapid desire to remain indoors or at the very least pool or beachside. In film terms, Summer usually means a bad case of the film blockbusters. It actually is a great marketing ploy. Winter is a more serious season, it’s cold out and the freezing wind forces …

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