44 Days out of Kandahar: Christine Sullivan

Christine Sullivan, author of 44 Days Out of Kandahar and co-founder of New Hope for Animals, is heading to Baghdad next week on a mission with Operation Baghdad Pups to help bring home several dogs and cats befriended by soldiers serving in Iraq.

Along with her brother, Mark Feffer, they founded New Hope for Animals to raise money for animals in need through book sales of 44 Days Out of Kandahar and other projects inspired by the book’s key character.

She believes that 44 Days Out of Kandahar is the perfect backdrop to  bring hope to animals in need. It is an uplifting story about Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a puppy who lived on a military base in Afghanistan, adopted by Mark and then abandoned 7000 miles from home by her transporter. She was later miraculously reunited with her owner. It brings joy and hope to all who read it.

Some of Christine and Mark’s causes include caring for homeless pets, unadoptable pets, senior pets in need, and animals in disasters. They also support educational programs on spaying and neutering your pet.

We are very proud of the work Christine is doing and wish her the best of luck on her incredible journey to Baghdad to save animals.

To read more about Christine’s efforts, checkout her blog Can I Get a Woof In? Feel free to contact Christine at New Hope for Animals at 802-644-8197 or send her an email. You can make a donation

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