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Popovers - BLT Prime

Popovers – BLT Prime

One of my most overdue reviews has to be BLT Prime. I think I keep putting this one off because I feel like there are so many photos to cram into one post. May I do the food justice. I’d heard many great things about BLT Prime, only having previously been there for drinks and snacks at the bar. I will admit we were well taken care of this evening, having an inside connection. Rest assured though, what follows are my honest thoughts on both the food and the service. The chef sent out an amuse-bouche of tiny triangular brioche grilled cheese sandwiches, which were phenomenal, along with a charcuterie plate. The charcuterie had a nice selection of various meats – enough to provide you a taste and some variation, but not so much as to be overwhelming. And of course for carb-crazed me, I was enthralled by their magically poofy popovers. They were massive! Still piping hot when they arrived at the table, they quickly caused the butter to melt into a perfect outer coating. I sadly lost the recipe after I got home (perhaps it’s for the best).

I was very impressed with the wine list, which was quite extensive for a steak restaurant, spanning 21 pages including a relatively varied listing for options by the glass. They also have a nice listing of cocktails they vary based on the season, which is a nice touch. I know the stereotype dictates red wine is what you need along side a good steak, but that’s not the option for

Tuna Tartare - BLT Prime

Tuna Tartare – BLT Prime

For an appetizer, we went with the tuna tartare. Theirs was prepared with avocado and a soy-lime dressing. Tuna tartare isn’t typically on my list of must-try items coming into a restaurant, but I will say if you go to BLT Prime, along with indulging in those popovers you must try the tuna tartare. Amazing. Very flavorful. Loved the pairing as well with avocado, something I’ve yet to come across elsewhere. It was also served with thin waffle crisps which paired with the soft tuna were a perfect combo. In general, BLT’s sides are served family style and we elected to go with the baked potato skins, grilled asparagus, and braised leeks which was plenty to split amongst the three of us. The baked potato skins were rich, but not too heavy in comparison with what I typically see – managing to pack all of the ooomph of a loaded baked potato into a slice about 3/4? in width. Kudos. The veggies were an excellent option to balance out the richer potato skins. The grilled asparagus was especially good, slightly charred on the grill yet juicy and flavorful.

NY Strip - BLT Prime

NY Strip – BLT Prime

For our main course, two of us elected to split the New York Strip, which was a perfect size for us to share in light of all of the other things we were trying. Actually, we even had leftovers. BLT Prime has an extensive listing of possible sauces with which you can enjoy your steak which you can mix & match to your choosing. Now I know the folks at Peter Luger might wince at the thought, but sometimes a good sauce does a steak good. I was particularly fond of the béarnaise, chimichurri, and red wine sauces. And, of course, it was a fine steak in all it’s plain glory (a la Luger). And one friend who doesn’t eat red meat went with the Branzini (Grenobloise Style), which she described as flavorful, light, and flaky (my favorite three fish-related adjectives).

Dessert Spread - BLT Prime

Dessert Spread – BLT Prime

For desserts, we tried the black forest mousse, which was one of their seasonal offerings, as was the mango soufflé. The black forest was a nice balance between the sweet ice cream and an abundant supply of fresh cherries, all of course crowned off with a heaping portion of whipped cream. The mango soufflé was subtly sweet and light, allowing the mango to shine through. Of course my favorite had to be the peanut butter chocolate mousse, served with banana ice cream. If there is any perfect dessert combination in my book it is chocolate + banana + peanut butter, and this dessert has it just right. It’s a bit on the heavier side and definitely sweet. Perfect for sharing and the indulgence is more than justified.

Looking for a quick simple option here? Order the tuna tartare, sit at the bar, and finish it all off with the peanut butter chocolate mousse. I think you’ll be more than satisfied. This is all leaving me wondering why I haven’t been back already…

BLT Prime – 111 East 22nd Street (between Park Ave S and Lexington Ave) – 212.995.8500?
Reservations Recommended

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