Spirituality in NYC: First, A Foundation

Hello! This is my first blog on neighborbee about spirituality!  I am both honored and excited to share my spiritual explorations, frustrations, citations and revelations here with you.  I welcome your feedback and input and am really looking forward to where we can take this column.

So, spirituality in New York…  Believe it or not, it is possible to live a real, rational, engaged and passionate spiritual life here in the city. A small but feisty number of New Yorkers are creating a loose-knit community dedicated to just that.   I am not talking about a re-engineered version of Catholicism, or Judaism, or Buddhism or Islam or in some cases, hedonism, I am talking about a post-post modern, current understanding and interpretation of real, living, vibrant and indeed revolutionary spirituality — because true spirituality is always revolutionary.  😉  But before I get to that, I want to lay a bit of foundation.

Allow me to throw out some terms:
Evolutionary Enlightenment – is a new spiritual path for the 21st century, which unites spiritual enlightenment and human evolution.  Our interpretation and understanding of God or absolute truth evolves and we conscious and awake human beings can therefore evolve consciousness.
Integral Movement – is a movement that seeks a comprehensive understanding of humans and the universe by combining, among other things, scientific, historical and spiritual insights.
Spiral Dynamics – Argues that human nature is not fixed: humans are able, when forced by life conditions, to adapt to their environment by constructing new, more complex, conceptual models of the world that allow them to handle the new problems and each new model includes and transcends all previous models.
Presencing – is a social technology that allows change makers to lead by shifting the inner place (the structure of awareness and attention) from which a system operates. The word presencing blends the terms presence and sensing and describes the capacity to connect with and operate from one’s highest future possibility.
Organizational Learning – is an area of knowledge within organizational theory that studies models and theories about the way an organization learns and adapts.
Holocracy – Is a transformative practice for organizations.

I know this is supposed to be about spirituality in New York, but I felt the need to lay at least a thin layer of terms and concepts addressing this emerging form of spirituality.  Let me know what you think about all this and I will post a much more N.Y. based blog in the near future.

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