Friday Night In: Harper’s Island


Okay, okay. I know what you are thinking. Harper’s Island is a TV show that looks like utter crap and is on air currently, how can it be written up under Friday Night In? Well, hold  on to your breeches and hear me out.

Harper’s Island is CBS’s new endeavor to bring slasher films into the world of cheesy pop culture television. And in doingharper-51 so CBS has brought back meaning to the words Guilty Pleasure. The show surrounds a group of family and friends who head to a destination wedding off the coast of Seattle.  The official website describes the show in their own words  as “although they’ve come to laugh and to love, what they don’t know is they’ve also come…to die.” Bloody brilliant. Literally.

The show prides itself on the concept that no main character is safe. Even the actors are not privy to know whether their character will live or die until they get the script just before shooting begins.  What’s great about this show is its camp factor that takes itself  quite seriously while simultaneously being completely self-aware. For audience members that end up hating a character for bad acting, story line, stupidity, what-have-you…odds are that character will get offed eventually. No more suffering with a crap character season after season. Especially since it will only last ONE season. This show has got a plan. And it’s working.


The show airs on Saturday night at 9pm on CBS. But to catch up, you can watch all episodes on Netflix’s Watch Instantly category (still genius) and pull an all-nighter tonight to get ready for the series finale that will be coming up in the next few weeks; three episodes are left.

check out the below clip!

“ARGH! I Already Watch This Show Religiously!”

At last! Someone with my romantic sensibilities…ahem. Welp, go ahead and check out: Dexter, Twin Peaks, Psycho, and Blue Velvet.


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