Friday Night In: Son of Rambow


It is a rare gem of a film that can get you laughing out loud to the point where your sides ache.  That is exactly what Garth Jennings’ film, Son of Rambow, accomplishes.

First off, just take a look at the premise we are working with: two kids decide to make their own version of Rambo based off their subsequent obsession with the character after sneaking a peak of First Blood.

In a word: brilliant.

The hijinks that ensue as these two unlikely kids shoot their film are non-stop and  resemble that of a Tom-and-Huck storyline. Whimsical and witty cartoon moments spill off the screen and help bring you into the fantastical mind-set that is our heroes’ world.

Son of Rambow is a charming and fun portrait of youth and the crazy things kids son-of-rambow-1do to entertain themselves.  It is only natural that the film comes complete with a tiny ounce of a moral that clearly touches on the lessons we learn while growing up. Thankfully, for the Gossip Girl obsessed crowd, the moral comes in the form of Ed Westwick speaking in his native tongue (although, his wardrobe seems to have been stolen from the set of Gossip Girl, which is an interesting comment on UES rich boys’ style choices considering this film is supposed to take place in 1983).


As a final note, the kids are really amazing.  In particular Will Poulter (who plays the bullying friend Lee Carter) is a blast to watch on screen. He handles himself unbelievably well for a young teenager and probably is one of the more elegantly spoken kids I’ve seen. Watch the behind the scenes interview and you’ll see what I mean.

Check out the trailer below.

“ARGH! I’ve Already Seen This Movie!”

For those of you who have already seen Son of Rambow, you might want to check out: Millions; Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang; or, In Bruges


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