Friday Night In: Wet Hot American Summer


The other morning I was grabbing a coffee at my favorite local coffee shop, as per usual, when I turned around and literally almost crashed into a man in a royal blue full-zipper hoodie and jeans.  Moment of recognition. Michael Showalter. Keep going. The Baxter. Thank God the coffee stayed in the paper cup. The Ten. God, I hated The Ten–bad attempt to make a comedic Dekalogue. Great bloody idea, though. Wet Hot American Summer.


Ah, yes. Wet Hot American Summer. And then you remember all the greats. Unless of course, you aren’t me and you haven’t born witness to the comedic genius that is this film. LA Weekly said it best upon first reviewing the film eight years ago with “like, you know, genius. But, like, you know, why?”

It’s the perfect momentary lapse into the shinanigans of summer camp for hormonal teens. There really is nothing more to be said on the plot. That’s it. But this film ranks right up there on most quotable flicks ever right with Zoolander, Wayne’s World, Juno and SNL’s cowbell skit. Honestly, do you get much better than Paul Rudd making out with Elizabeth Banks and then saying “You taste like burger. I don’t like you anymore.” Nope. You don’t.

Which of course leads me to the next point: this film is a Who’sWho of comedians. When the credits roll it feels a bit like a pimply teenager who just won the lottery of bragging rights: Paul Rudd, Janeane Garafolo, David Hyde Pierce, Elizabeth Banks, Molly Shannon, Christopher Meloni, Michael Ian Black, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Ken Marino, A.D. Miles, Joe Lo Truglio, Marguerite Moreau, and Zak Orth. Not to mention Michael Showalter.


This film is totally ridiculous. Amazing but ridiculous. Don’t rent this film thinking you are going to get something as classy as…Bruno. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic romp into what made summer camp–well, summer camp.


Also, for those of you Michael Showalter fans that live in the tri-state area: he will be performing at All Points West on Sunday, August 2nd. Purchase tickets now!

“Argh! I’ve Already Seen This Movie!”

Well, watch it again! Okay, but here’s some additional ideas: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Ten (not for me, but lots of people LOVE this flick), Role Models, Super Troopers, Psycho Beach Party


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