NY Media Swarm: Hello, Twitter!

Hello my fellow neighborbee’s!  I am excited to introduce you to my new column the NY Media Swarm.  My goal is to help you bee in the know while focusing on the media swarm that is New York. Working in the media industry for the last several years has made me a culture fiend and inclined to all things media. So get ready for highlights, scoops, and gossip on what’s going on in the media world. Since media is so intertwined with culture, I will at times also feature notable music, art, and food events throughout the city.  Hope you enjoy!  (2009)


If you haven’t been exposed to the twitter craze till now, get on board. Not only does it include the socially apt generation Y-er’s but those in positions of power and influence. Some notables include New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, NBC’s Ann Curry, sport stars Shaqueille O’Neal and Lance Armstrong, washed up musician MC Hammer, and even President Obama before taking office.

For those new to this phenomenon, Twitter is a hot social networking product that hit the market in 2006.Since its launch it has gained a slow fan base and really exploded in the last year.So how does it work?Well you log on to twitter.com, set up your account, and seconds later you can start tweeting.What is tweeting you ask?A tweet is 140 text character posting resembling the infamous Facebook status updates.It can range from a juicy piece of gossip to a simple “I’m bored.”People can start “following” you and that becomes your network of friends.

This hype has garnered both acclaim and criticism. Celebrated as a new form of communication, Twitter gives you the opportunity to side step one-on- one communication such as email to an expansive network that gets to know your business all at once. Obviously, this can lead to an unnecessary omission of information that you may not want everyone to know about e.g. Fired over Facebook Status. But it also allows for you to interact with a wide web of people and let your thoughts be known. Like its predecessor LinkedIn, Twitter can also be a professional tool for many. It lets you follow other movers and shakers in respective industries and also publicize your own business ventures and ideas.

Then there are those poking fun at Twitters hype. Business Insider lists 100 things that are more popular than Twitter. Who makes the list above twitter in their minds? It includes, pet birds, Tamagotchi, Furby, 98 Degrees, and Hampsterdance.com. Of course this survey is based on no scientific evidence but pure fun. Either way, it looks as if Twitter is here to stay until Web 3.0 emerges and we can only imagine what that era will usher in for social media.

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