NY Media Swarm: “Look At This F*cking Hipster” Scores A Book Deal

“We’re going to get so much pussy tonight, you guys!”

The hilarious blog, Look At This Fucking Hipster, just scored a book deal with St. Martin’s Press.  The blog, once anonymously penned, is the brainchild of Joe Mande, a comedian/writer, who occasionally appears on the Best Week Ever, and has a show at Upright Citizens Brigade, and features pictures of the hipster set with sarcastic captions, mocking those lucky enough to be captured on film.  Mande started the blog according to an earlier Gawker interview, to help his dad figure out what the hell a hipster was.

If you have made the offense of looking like a ridiculous hipster at one point or another, make sure you aren’t one of those featured.  I know I did a quick run through, just in case any of my friends thought it would be a good idea to submit an embarrassing photo.

Nonetheless, this is another one of the Tumblr to book deals to emerge from this new media craze.    It’s  quite amazing to think that the digital world has somewhat played a part in resuscitating the print world.    Maybe print isn’t dead for good?

These one-topic blogs have become a sensation and in some way reflects how we as a society have taken a liking to mocking different races, counter-cultures, and sad realities.  For instance “This Is Why You’re Fat”, which was acquired by HarperStudio, portrays the sad reality that is the American diet.  Or take for instance “Stuff White People Like”, signed to Random House which takes a jab at white people and their quirks.  My other favorite is FML, where people post their embarrassing and painful moments, which just got published this year as well.

If you are in the market for a book deal, I guess you could start a blog as well.  For now, I will stick with purchasing the ones out there.  I do think that this one would make a nice addition to my coffee table and a good book to look back at in my granny years.

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