Re-Connective Collective: Big Apps, a Big Deal to New York City Data, and to You!

reconnective-intelligenceSo have you ever wanted to go to one of those “camps” where you get something drilled into you with great vigor and rapidity?  Yes there are boot camps designed to make you kick a habit, or to ingrain new ones such as via Maury Povich or classic army boot camps, but there are a new type of camps popping up in various activist, nonprofits, and enthusiast groups.  In these camps there is a spirit of trying to give you the basic outlines of everything you’d need to know about a particular subject and so you can join the cause, or produce your own with the tools that they give you.

Well I’ve seen these around for the last year or so, starting with a Craig’s list non-profit boot camp, but always I heard about them too late or it was just a little too much, and I never got the chance to make it to one.  Until now…

Joining various meetups or attending interesting little technological events can get you on some great mailing lists to find out about various groups trying to help others find out about what they are interested in.  Here a good ones to look into if you are interested in open source technology and transparency in New York:

List lists from notebook here

There are still a few days left if you have soem suggestions fro ways that new york could improve its data sharing this year through RFEI’s.  Either contribute through adding to the one being put together on this web site or submit oen directly through the city yourself.  Some helpful guidelines are here.

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