All Things Queens -The Bruce Springsteen of Queens: Incident on 57th Street

The Bruce Springsteen of Queens is back like a Big Mac Attack ready to clog your arteries and nourish your soul. Like the sound of a sweet church bell. Like the warm embrace of that person you love in a completely nonsexual way, The Boss is back (I’m holding for applause).

And let us begin . . . okay, I’ll digress a little more . . .

Just like that old flame that you saw in the East Village one lonely Saturday night . . . you ended up going home together, and you realized you could still make a little magic in the cha cha room . . . you got back together and you had 10 kids . . . WELL, I hope that you can go right back to humping this blog like we used to. And maybe we’ll have kids. But not 10, 3 max, but we can work out the details. 🙂

Without further adieu, I present the latest blog.


Johnny was sittin on the fire escape watchin the kids playin down the Street,
He called down, hey little heroes, summers long but I guess it ain’t very sweet around here anymore,
Janey sleeps in sheets damp with sweat, johnny sits up alone and watches her dream on, dream on,
And the sister prays for lost souls then breaks down in the chapel after everyone’s gone.

In a world of broken dreams and scary economic times, there is a chapel where you can forget about your troubles and put your faith in a higher power: The Best Burger in NYC . It says so on a sign outside. So what’s the deal with this old sacred-looking building with painted glass church window panes and a printing shop next door? I think the painted glass serves to hide a covert operation, because people go in, but they don’t come out. Where do they go?

Straight to Bruce Springsteen’s Burger Haven Americana, AKA

Donovan’s Pub
57-24 Roosevelt Ave @ 58th St. (Not quite 57th but close enough)
Woodside (Queens), NY 11377
(718) 429-9339

I know what you’re thinking. Best burger in NYC? That’s like saying hottest playboy bunny. Or dirtiest mud pit. Or shortest gnome. Or coolest Bruce Springsteen of Queens. But you have to admit, these guys have testes . . . maybe several.

All I can say is the beer is cold, the fries are hot, and the burger is so juicy . . . this is PG 13 . . . I gotta stop. But if you go with a friend, have them order the fried seafood platter, with scrumptious shrimp and the best scallops this B.S.O.Q. has ever had, and you’ll know why nobody leaves.

By the way, the cot on the end right under the Coors Light keg? That’s mine. But I’ll share for half of a big juicy burger.

Atmosphere? Possibly the coziest place ever. Right when you sit down, you forget where it was you were and immediately think I’m glad I’m here . Joyful laughter, a friendly bar and family dining in the back let you know you did the right thing. You listened to The Boss.


And while you’re listening to The Boss, go ahead and check out my friend’s awesome band, Low Water . WIth a rare combination of eerily haunting and soothing sounds, these guys will rock your socks off with their new album, Twisting the Neck of the Swan . Badass. And they have a new video . And, my friend, Joe Burch (the drummer) has a STRONG PUSH BROOM MOUSTACHE . Check it out (top left). What could be more Boss than that? (Imagine that moustache rubbing the back of your neck — Brush Burn City.)

So this is the Bruce Springsteen of Queens signing off, saying keep your feet on the ground, reaching for the stars, and keep your panties in your drawers. (Yeah, I just made that one up! I’ll be here all week, try the meatloaf . . . )

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