The Death of Print As We Know It

ripThe recession has not only brought about job losses but the loss of the print industry as we know it. I must say that I have always been a fan of the print industry – that is where I first started in advertising. The perks were amazing and the cut-throat environment was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. The old goons who ran it knew their shit but at the end of the day, the internet came stealing its thunder with cheap rates and measurable data.

I have been following the trend of newspapers and magazines going down the drain and I think it’s about time we bid them a Rest in Peace.

The most recent magazine to fold is Conde Nast’s Portfolio. Conde Nast has been having some major issues, cutting back on everything including receptionists. If anyone has ever gotten the opportunity to be wined and dined by Conde Nast, you know it is no joke. The last time I was there for a corporate meeting, they kept switching out my Fiji water bottles even if I had only one sip. My green conscience was killing me but they refused to let me keep the same bottle. They also had a glossy welcome sign in the lobby with our names on it welcoming us to the meeting, which my boss was horrified about. Last but not least, I got so many gifts and knick knacks they had to ship it and it arrived in a huge packing box. Good times.

Some other papers that are feeling the pinch include huge city newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune which cut 20% of their newsroom recently, Boston Globe which is near its death, and sadly the City Section of the New York Times will be put to rest soon enough.

I mean if the Simpsons announce the death of print, who is to argue.

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