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Raining Men

The New Year’s resolution to take a step back, may not be as easy as I initially thought. This past Friday night, I put that to the test.

I have been writing and rewriting this entry doing my best to fill you in on what happened, but you see that’s simply the point, nothing happened. Well, nothing concrete. I’m still in the same place I was in before the night began. If my new dating life was a game of chess, I have only moved a pawn. I guess that’s okay because a.) I’m playing the game and b.) everyone has to start somewhere. (At least this is what I am telling myself so I don’t give up on this whole situation.)

The situation is this: Prior to ringing in 2009, I knew what my resolution was going to be, and so I was already on the lookout for potential prospects to add to my dating pool. Lucky for me, three seemed to find moi! While I was discussing my potential prospects with one of my dearest girlfriends last night, I realized that I don’t have a specific type. They all have some things in common, but for the most part are very different. They are all older than me, ranging from late twenties to late thirties, they all have great hair, and are all talented singers (Well, I’ve heard two out of three). I know I’m entering the dating scene a little late in the game, but so far this part is really a lot of fun. The next step is actually attempting to arrange a date…

That leads us to Friday night… while not a complete disaster, I was not prepared to find all three prospects at the same bar. Well, actually that’s not entirely true. I knew they would all be there, but at different times. Thankfully there was only a brief period of overlapping time. I did my best not to hover around any one prospect too long for fear the other two might not want to share, even though I’m not in an exclusive relationship with any of them. Now when I talk about only moving a pawn on Friday night, here’s what it breaks down to: Prospect One: Whispers in my ear as he puts his coat on, “It’s probably a bad idea, but you can come home with me.” I tell him, its not a bad idea, but I’m attempting this new thing, where I possibly have a date with someone before getting naked! He understands and is actually seems all for it! Sweet! Prospect Two: Enters the part of the bar where I’m sitting and notices me. He comes over and plants one on my lips, saying we should get together soon. I tell him I’m all for it. Finally, Prospect Three, the oldest of the bunch is a bartender (Hot Bartender) I’m crushing on big time! We seemed to do our usual flirting (if that’s what you call it) even well after the bar closed. I told him we should get together during the week because I’d love to see him outside of the job. Obviously a 9-5er (moi) and an evening bartender (him) have different schedules so planning this get together is going to take some creativity on both our parts. I’m game though. I arrived home, around 5:30AM and pretty much passed out until 2:00PM when I looked at my phone to find the following text message from Hot Bartender: “Hey Mr. Let’s hang out or grab coffee this week!”

The new year is off to a great start and I’m thrilled all of the guys seem to be interested in the possibility of more than sex! Holla! Now, I’m curious to see if I can continue on this dating scene and find some additional prospects to add to.

I’m attending “Defying Inequality” tomorrow night at the Gershwin Theater. It is an event hosted by the Broadway cast & touring company of Wicked and will be this fantastic dance party. I’m not much of a dancer, but I do enjoy meeting new cute boys, so fingers crossed I move more than pawns this week!

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