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Biking over the Brooklyn Bridge
Biking over the Brooklyn Bridge

The weather’s been a little warm but great so far this summer!

So it’s time to venture out and discover some of the hidden treasures among Brooklyn’s many culturally rich neighborhoods. What better way to do it than by cycling? You can canvass larger areas than on foot and you’ll get great exercise all while being able to see things you might miss in a car. Not to mention you’ll never have to worry about parking. Wanna make a pit stop? Just bring a lock and look for the nearest lamppost.

Bee Wheelin Brooklyn is your weekly guide to all that’s bike friendly.

Me on my bike

We’ll bee keeping you informed of the safest class 1, 2 and 3 bicycle lanes and the most picturesque routes throughout the hoods. From the entire southern coast of Plumb, Gerritsen, Manhattan, Brighton Beaches and Coney Island to some of the most beautiful neighborhoods along the class 1 bike lane on Bedford Ave. Don’t own a bike? No problem! Bee Wheelin will even let you know about bike shops in different neighborhoods that rent. So put down the car keys, pick up a helmet, consult Bee Wheelin and get on out there and bike!

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