About Us

Our mission is to pollinate communities with prosperity and happiness.

Bee a good neighbor by supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs!

People are hustling more than ever to support their families and pay their rents/mortgages because of the new COVID economy.

At neighborbee, we can help by writing about you in a way you can promote yourself, your business or your passion..  By helping local businesses and entrepreneurs, you’re creating a strong ecosystem that’s fueling your offline communities.

neighborbee for small businesses and entrepreneurs 

Send me an email ([email protected]) about your business/hustle and how you are providing value to people in your local community.  Since every post is unique, let’s talk live. I will also post to neighborbee’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, helping to create further awareness..  My only ask is that you promote the post within your social networks.  Here are a few tips on how to do that effectively.

neighborbeeBLOG was a successful NYC blog from 2008-2012.  We had over 90 amazing volunteer writers who wrote about many aspects of their NYC neighborhoods.  While we are transitioning to this new community, I re-organized some old posts that may put a smile on your face or remind you of how wonderful life was and still can be.  Read more about our history here.

Let’s pollinate local communities (hives) at a time when it’s needed the most!

Bee well,


Why bees?

Known for their strong sense of community, collaboration, and industriousness, honeybees are integral contributors to successful crop and flower cultivation due to their key role in the pollination process.

Like bees, when we work together and share our knowledge and resources, we can build a rich and robust community.