About Us

Welcome to the new neighborbeeBLOG!  We are going to be a public blog focusing on NYC life from the perspective of college students in the 5 boroughs.

neighborbeeBLOG was launched in early 2008.  We had about 100 awesome and dedicated volunteer writers who covered a variety of topics, including dating experiences, food and cooking trends, culture, and much more.

Our writers were passionate, and their passion was showcased in the articles. They were written by people who lived in NYC neighborhoods and were experiencing city life first hand as young adults.

We realized over the years that the blog should have a more specific focus, which is why we decided to place more emphasis on the college community.

The new and revitalized neighborbeeBLOG bridges the gap between the college campus and the surrounding communities.

We want to allow students the opportunity to write about their experiences outside of the campus after engaging with their local community.

Reach out to [email protected] to submit an article.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the timeless content from the original neighborbeeBLOG!

Why bees?

Known for their strong sense of community, collaboration, and industriousness, bees are integral contributors to successful crop and flower cultivation due to their key role in the pollination process.

Like bees, when we work together and share our knowledge and resources, we can build a rich and robust community.