About Us

neighborbee is a platform that showcases small businesses, entrepreneurs and people that are having a positive impact on their communities.

Neighbors don’t have to live next door to you.  They can be anywhere.  Be a good neighbor by enriching someone’s life because that will lead to pollinating communities with prosperity and happiness.

Spend some time on neighborbee and see how our member profiles can add value to your life in some way.

If you know anyone that should be featured on neighborbee, please reach out to [email protected].  We are adding new profiles every month in the form of blog posts and Zoom “Beeline Interviews” via YouTube.

Our mission is to make communities better, one profile at a time.

Why bees?

Known for their strong sense of community, collaboration, and industriousness, honeybees are integral contributors to successful crop and flower cultivation due to their key role in the pollination process.

Like bees, when we work together and share our knowledge and resources, we can build a rich and robust community.