About Us

Bee a good neighbor

Have you ever had an idea about pursuing something you are passionate about?  But you don’t know how to get it out there because you’re too busy or you don’t know how to?

As a good neighbor, we’re opening up neighborbee’s Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms so you can get out there.

Create buzz and get feedback from people, so your idea will evolve.  Or it won’t.  But you’ll have more insight.

Whatever your passion is – arts, lecturing, entrepreneurship, cooking, etc, you’re all welcome.

Check out our blogs as they may inspire you.  Our writers covered topics they were passionate about and many of them have continued with them over the years.

neighborbeeBLOG was a springboard for them either directly or indirectly because of our audience and community.

We are stronger together, as new content is king, so start by emailing me directly to create an account and contribute.

neighborbeeBLOGGERs would periodically get together in person and exchange ideas. Let’s do it again, be good neighbors and help each other!

Remember, anything is better than zero, so little steps today will compound over time and can be powerful.

This may be your opportunity to do something you never thought was possible.

Like bees, when we work together and share our knowledge and resources, we can build a rich and robust community.


Outliers – seizing opportunities