Month: February 2009

Theatre Buzz: Feeling the Chill? It’s FRIGID!

Gosh, it’s cold outside.  Like, tried-to-dial-my-cell-phone-so-took-off-my-glove-and-immediately-regretted-it-because-my-fingers-froze-into-a-claw type of cold.  But does it have to be frigid inside too? According to this festival … yes it does!    With January ’09 having the sad distinction of being the month that saw the close of such long running hits as Hairspray, Spamalot and Spring Awakening, as well as …

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All Things Queens – The Bruce Springsteen of Queens: Graduate School in the Arts: Financial Suicide? It Shouldn’t Be.

41 shots 41 shots 41 shots 41 shots 41 shots 41 shots 41 shots 41 shots…. and we’ll take that ride ‘cross this bloody river to the other side (Above FROM American Skin) “Slow down. It’s not that big a deal,” a cop told the scruffy man. “Not that big a deal?” he grunts. Horns …

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