neighborbee chosen for Fordham University’s Consulting Class summer ’20!!

This past summer, neighborbee had the honor of being chosen to be the focus of a consulting class at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.  It was Dr. DiLorenzo’s class, who is my mentor, former teacher, and dear friend.  We were chosen because of our commitment to figuring out how neighborbee could improve communities. The class interviewed …

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Melissa Tomlin, Caring for Covid

Meet Melissa Tomlin, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  You may have heard of her business, 914Popups, where she puts people in connection with one another to set up events and fundraisers in Westchester.  Since Covid hit, it hampered her service for obvious reasons, so she teamed up with Aubrey Graf-Daniels, and Brittany B. Brandwein, Executive Director, White Plains …

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 How to Survive the Pandemic, the Summer, and Beyond By James L. Casale (Offered by Coronavirus University)

 PART ONE Introduction/Registration The current state of affairs has plunged ordinary households into an abyss of chaos, confusion, bewilderment, curiosity, and panic aka “What the hell do we do now?” Parents didn’t sign up for this “school stuff” We pay taxes and some us pay both taxes and tuition to have professionals teach our kids …

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