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All Things Brooklyn – Brooklyn Sting: It’s Okay to Do Something Educational on a Sunday if Said Educational Institution is Cranking the A/C

I had about eight topics in mind for this week’s post. Initially, I considered attending Wiimbledon, the Wii Tennis tournament held this past Saturday at Barcade in Williamsburg – but instead I went to the Belmont Stakes and was nearly cooked through by the sun. That would have made for a good post, too, except …

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All Things Brooklyn – Brooklyn Sting: Responsible Brooklyn

For the past few weeks I’ve been traveling in Peru and Bolivia with a tour company that practices what it dubs “responsible travel.” Essentially, Gecko’s Adventures designs their tours to minimize travelers’ impact on the environment while maximizing interaction with the local community and ensuring that those communities benefit financially from Gecko’s tour groups (e.g. …

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All Things Brooklyn – Brooklyn Sting: The Reluctant Bridge-Crosser’s Guide To Brooklyn

Hi, I’m Jaime, and I’ll be covering the Brooklyn beat here on the neighborbee blog every week. I’ve lived in Brooklyn for eight years, but I definitely don’t know everything about it. So while I’ll be bringing you news and events from BKLYN, I’ll also rely on the community to keep me informed and in …

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