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Antonelle Fine Art

Hi everyone, please meet Patrick Antonelle, owner of Antonelle Fine Art! Hailing from Belle Harbor NY, Patrick and his family are dear friends. In a time when we are mostly isolated from the outside world, Patrick’s art reminds us of how wonderful precious moments are, especially in New York City. Patrick Antonelle has been painting for …

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Bee Thrifty: Make Manhattan Your Playground

When was the last time you had stupid amounts of fun… and there wasn’t a happy hour (or a hangover) involved? When did you last find yourself in a death-defying chase across midtown… and not because you were late for work? When did you last have to persuade complete strangers on the subway to carry secret messages …

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Bee Wheelin’ To Coney Island!

Like most mornings when I wake up after crashing at his place, I see that my boyfriend is up and online. He’s much more internet saavy than I am. Seeing that I’m awake he suggests we take a day trip to Coney Island. “Really?!”, I replied with a squeak of trepidation in my voice. It …

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