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Welcome to NewBee Daddy!

Welcome to NewBee Daddy, a column about being a new dad in Manhattan. Technically I’m a “soon-to-be-dad”.  My wife and I are expecting our first child this Halloween (it’s a girl!), and we live in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. Collectively, we’ve lived in the city for almost 20 years. There are lots of …

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A little Bee Told Me: Family Bookstore Event 5/16

“When kid-centric songwriter Suzi Shelton struts her stuff, the audience doesn’t just listen—it plays along.”  New York Post AWARD WINNING CHILDREN’S RECORDING ARTIST SUZI SHELTON PERFORMING AT HOUSING WORKS BOOKSTORE CAFE ON SUNDAY, MAY 16TH WHO: Suzi Shelton is riding the crest of the “kindie rock” phenomenon with catchy tunes and hip pop-rock style. This …

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Kids Sports Mania: Tennis

Welcome to my column, Kids Sports Mania. Twice a month, I will write about saucy and entertaining sports games that you can play with your munchkins. The games will be geared to excite the kids, pump up their heart rates, and build skills in sports. I’ll concentrate on catchy tennis games that will keep kids …

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