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Photography by JLZ

Hi everyone, please meet Jessica Zunic, owner of Photography by JLZ!  Jessica is a good friend and a very talented photographer, artist and designer that is based in Westchester, NY. Jessica has always had a passion for photography and studied commercial art and graphic design at the Connecticut Institute of Art in Greenwich.  She is a …

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A Tripod Quest: Art on Avenue A

In light of the last story, its fitting to continue with the urban art theme and keep it street, for now. My fascination with graffiti art (or any kind of creative ‘propaganda’ that finds it way onto cement, wood, or brick surfaces) must be apparent. It would actually strike me as a rather daunting task, …

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A Photographic Journal of New York City – A Tripod Quest: Walking Willie-style

Hey folks, my name is Miguel de la Fuente, current Bushwick resident, and future vagabonding photojournalist (hopefully). But really, I’m excited for an opportunity to blog about my neighborhood, Brooklyn, and filter it with my own personal photographic lens. Expect some future entries on all things photo, art, Brooklyn, or some wildly imaginative combination of …

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